Friday, July 30, 2010

Americans celebrate 45 years of 'socialized medicine'

Single payer health insurance in America is 45 years old today.

Government-provided, national health insurance for all senior citizens was signed into law on this date in 1965.

We've had four and a half decades of Medicare for some. It's about time for Medicare for all.


Anonymous said...

yes brian how easy it is to demand medicaid for for all..when you are NOT paying for about we just imprison all doctors and nurses and just make them do there job? stop all this getting paid nonsense and just give people what we think they hell with competition and trying harder..but what about when the well runs dry??

Brian said...

"Anon": your comment is so incoherent and factually incorrect, I can only assume it's a really good spoof. You should try to become a writer for the Colbert Report.