Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sundwall seeking Congressional seat

I've been informed, not by the local press of course, that Libertarian candidate Eric Sundwall will be running against venture capitalist Scott Murphy and used car salesman (sometimes referred to as Assembly minority leader) Jim Tedisco for the 20th Congressional district seat vacated by now-US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. With Murphy lacking name recognition and Fucillo... oops I mean Tedisco, not even living in the district, the time seems ripe for a strong showing for a smaller party candidate.

(Sundwall's website can be accessed by clicking here... Apparently his campaign's on Facebook too)


Morris N. Guller said...

Eric Sundwall is the finest candidate and will make the finest Congressman we have ever had.

Eric is driven, intelligent, and fair.

This is a great opportunity for our District.

Morris Guller
Lexington, New York

Matt Funiciello said...

Well said, Morris. He's got my full support!