Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The liberal savior fantasy

Liberals have been getting the rear ends kicked by conservatives (certainly on economics) for the last 35 years. They naively and desperately seek 'our only hope' every few years, rather than trying to build a real movement that doesn't rely on the coming of the Messiah of the Moment.

First, it was Bill, then Barack, now Bernie. They keep making the same mistake and then wonder why things keep moving in the wrong direction. 

I like much of what Bernie Sanders espouses. I really do... unless/until he endorses Hillary, when he becomes persona non grata.

But what happens if Bernie does manage to get elected? He'll facing a Congress controlled by GOP and corporate Democrats that will stymie any real changes he wants to make.
Bernie by himself isn't going to do squat. Elect a bunch of Greens to Congress that share much of his agenda and will push it and then you might have something. 

People who use the (quite amateurish, if you ask me) #FeelTheBern hashtag act as though this is some incidental sidebar. They adhere to the imperial presidency model.

Electing progressive Greens to Congress not is not incidental. It's integral to any chance the progressive economic agenda has of actually being implemented. If the Democrats were interested in this, they would've done it when they controlled the presidency and 59% of both houses of Congress... the most power any party had in 50 years.

But liberals have long proven too lazy to do the hard work. They smugly prefer being right far more than trying to ensure that right actually be done. I'll be thrilled to be proven wrong. I don't for one second believe it will happen.

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