Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders' supporters should listen to Bernie Sanders

A few days ago, I published a piece called The Liberal Savior Fantasy, which criticized the lack of political awareness of Bernie Sanders' supporters. It stated that the problem of corporate control of government could not be solved by any president alone, not even Sanders and that a Sanders' candidacy MUST be complemented by a broader movement beyond a cult of personality.

You know who would agree with this sentiment?

Bernie Sanders.

"The reality of Washington, D.C., today is that we have one party, the Republican Party, completely dominated by big money and right wing folks. And you have another party, the Democratic Party, too much controlled by corporate money ... We have no president  that can deal with that. Unless we mobilize the American people and create a strong grass-roots movement that says enough is enough, the billionaire class cannot have it all."

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