Sunday, January 13, 2013

Walkable cities, sustainable cities, thriving cities

Planetizen has an interesting piece entitled Marching Toward More Walkable Cities. In it, author Jeff Speck explains his General Theory of Walkability and how livable cities, cities with ample non-car transportation options, thrive economically because of it.

Speck points out that "[t]he typical American 'working' family now pays more for transportation than for housing" because "so many families found themselves not only underwater on their mortgages but also unable to afford the thirteen car trips per day generated by the average exurban homestead."

In his book Walkable City, Speck reconsiders the agenda he and his co-authors advanced in Suburban Nation. Why invest money and energy in building better suburbs, he says in response to a question from Florida, "when we have hundreds of historic downtown cores with underused infrastructure...

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