Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney disses veterans

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney found himself in a bit of bother after a video was leaked of him calling 47% of Americans leeches. Conveniently, he said there is also 47% who will vote for the president no matter what and who are dependent on government.

My dad is one of those 47% apparently. Retired, I doubt he earns enough to owe income taxes. He's also an Obama supporter. He also has eyesight thanks to the 'socialized medicine' of the veterans administration.

I guess that makes him one of those dependent on government parasites Romney referred to in his little ivory tower speech to his fellow superrich sponsors.
My dad spent his life working and paying taxes. He even spent a few year sin the military preserving Romney's freedom and privilege. He still works part-time, though I don't know if it's enough to owe taxes. And I mean he does actual work, not living a cushy life off investment and inheritance income like Romney. He probably pays a higher percentage of his income in taxes than the quarter billionaire Republican.my dad gets a little bit back of what he’s paid into the system now that he’s older, he has absolutely no reason to apologize for that to someone like Romney or his fellow superrich sponsors. If anything, Romney should apologize to my dad and others like him. I’ve never been an Obama supporter but Romney’s seriously making me reconsider.

So if my dad gets a little back of what he's put into the system now that he's older and his health isn't what it used to be, he has absolutely no reason to apologize to Romney and his fellow oligarchs. If anything, Romney should apologize to my dad and those like him.

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