Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shocking newsflash: media covers smaller party candidate!

This weekend, the Green Party nominated Dr. Jill Stein for president. This will be the second time Dr. Stein runs against Mitt Romney; the two faced off in the 2002 Massachusetts' race for governor.

Surprisingly, this was actually reported on by the mainstream media. (I'm sure this won't be the only time *wink*)

The New York Times ran a profile of Stein, though it was marred by a few serious flaws. First, it implied that Ralph Nader has been the Green presidential nominee for the last several cycles; he hasn't been so since 2000. And it notes that those who want to participate in the presidential debates have to be at 15 percent in the polls. It doesn't mean that the organism that controls the debates, the Commission on Presidential Debates, is controlled by the two corporate parties: its co-chairs are a former head of the Republican National Committee and a former press secretary for Bill Clinton's White House. The CPD has been sponsored by many of the same corporations whose campaign 'donations' run the political system, including Philip Morris, AT&T and JP Morgan and was created precisely to freeze out smaller party candidates. This, from the so-called 'newspaper of record.'

NPR ran a couple of (more accurate) pieces, including this one which highlights Stein's criticism of the Democrats.

As well she should.

Democrats have worked tirelessly on behalf of corporate interests, much the same as the Republicans. This is not new. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the corrupt morass our country finds itself in. If you vote for them, you are voting for a continuation of this mess.

If you support the Occupy movement, then rationally you must vote for a candidate who embodies and will work to advance Occupy's goals. Dr. Stein is the best of those candidates.

Liberals always pat themselves on the back for being far more rational than those emotional, fear-mongering conservatives. This is their chance to prove it.


Anonymous said...

What web resources do you find that offer the most objective information about _all_ of the 2012 presidential candidates?

Brian said...

I'm not aware of any journalistic sites that cover all of the 2012 presidential candidates. I tend to go to the websites of smaller party candidates and read their stuff directly. This is imperfect, as it is not submitted to the critical (in theory) lens of journalists, but it's better than the nothing the mainstream media offers.