Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How fracking interests are buying 'experts'

I'm down in southern New York visiting relatives. This area is Ground Zero for the debate in New York over the controversial and polluting natural gas drilling procedure known as hydrofracking. Around here, it's clear the fracking industry is waging a very aggressive and high-profile campaign touting its alleged virtues;  most expect New York's business-owned governor to allow towns who want the procedure to have it (such decisions will be made locally but will the dollars for the pollution clean up be strictly local too? I doubt it). The campaign is actually very clever, appealing not only on economic grounds but claiming that 'responsible drilling' will reduce the number of wars we fight (not bloody likely).

The public journalism site Pro Publica has done a significant amount of excellent journalism on the perils of hydrofracking and the dishonesty of the industry.

Another good source, Mother Jones, ran a piece recently exposing the degree to which fracking interest are buying 'experts' from academia to purchase credibility for their efforts.

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