Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Today, MOFYC... tomorrow, the world!

North Country Public Radio’s Brian Mann notes that the political cartoonist Mark Wilson, whose series on the troubles at The Post-Star is a regular feature of this blog, is now having his cartoons featured at Long Island’s most prominent daily paper Newsday.

Bravo Marquil!


Mark Wilson said...

Thanks. just one of many success stories for former Post-Star contributors!

mossarden said...

Your talent was always bigger than the Adirondacks and we've been lucky to have you in residence

Mark Wilson said...

Wow, thanks, mossarden. I'm not actually going anywhere. I simply signed on another client for my NYS cartoons. Happy to report that the ever-increasing pool of domestic cartoon labor is still more practical (cheaper) than the notorious op/ed sweatshops of South Asia, Orkney and Inner Mongolia.