Thursday, May 24, 2012

I meant every one of those unprofessional words I claim to be apologizing for

The boring fake apology of the typical public figure goes something like this: “I apologize to anyone who might have been offended by my comment/action.”

But the town supervisor in Hartford (NY), who thinks government meetings are prayer sessions, tried the less common defiant fake apology.

 I can’t link to it, due to the daily’s new pay wall, but here’s The Post-Star account of a heated Washington County board of supervisors argument over the potential sale of a county asset:

 "You’re nothing but a bunchy of pimps, prostituting land in the name of money," Hartford supervisor Dana Haff shouted to his peers. 


"You guys have screwed Hartford for 20 years because it makes you feel good," he screamed, while pointing his finger in the face of Dresden Supervisor Bob Banks. 

Haff, in a comment on the Post-Star website later Tuesday, apologized for "unprofessional" use of "unvarnished, salty language," adding he "meant every word."

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