Saturday, April 28, 2012

Iran not a threat to Israel, but olive trees are

The former head of the Israeli security agency Shin Bet has denounced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Deputy PM Ehud Barak for misleading the public on the threat posed by Iran and for having their feelings clouded by "messianic judgment." He also said that "I don't have faith in the current leadership of Israel to lead us in an event of this magnitude."

A few days earlier, the current head of the Israeli armed forces also veered from the militaristic Script and said he doubts Iran will really try to build a nuclear bomb. He rightly described the Iranian regime as vile but not suicidal.

I assume both of these men are anti-Semitic and hope for the death of the Israeli state, like we're told all critics of the Israeli government's policies supposedly are.

Meanwhile, fanatical settlers launched an operation against an apparent grave threat to their security: olive trees. Or perhaps their real enemy is rationality and civilized behavior.

Update: Former justice and foreign minister Tzipi Livni recently resigned Israel's Knesset (parliament) denouncing the country's leadership. She said that the 'existential threat' to Jewish state comes not from Iran but from Israel's own government.

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Stephen said...

The comments of the former head of shin bet hit the nail on the head. He sees his government run by a bunch of loons and religiously driven fools. He is right. I think it is indicative of a generational shift. A lot of the older generation in Israel remembers a bad era of propoganda and lies in other countries. Even if it is for the Israeli cause, they find it repugnant. Israel has seen a huge boom in emigrees from Russia, people who grew up in the same circumstance but drew the opposite conclusion- that is how you get what you want and get ahead. If Israel attacks Iran, it will be a fiasco. They couldnt even get their arms around a bunch of rebels in Lebanon let alone a country three times larger than Iraq.