Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why don't men have to get a prostate exam before being prescribed Viagra?

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has been the most prominent leader of the far right's war against women (and little girls), with his desire to drive the GOP women's vote as close to zero as possible, but hardly the only one. Frighteningly, the extreme right is becoming fairly mainstream within the Republican Party.

The Virginia legislature on track to approve a bill forcing women seeking a legal abortion to be subjected to an intrusive ultrasound; victims, I mean patients, don't have to look at the images so apparently it's okay. As satirist Jon Stewart points out, in the opinion of these medieval lawmakers, a TSA safety pat down at the airport is completely abhorrent but using forcing women to have a long metal rod shoved up their vagina for no purpose other than humiliation is perfectly acceptable.

Makes you wonder why men aren't compelled by law to get a prostate exam before being prescribed Viagra. Oh wait... I think we all know why.

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