Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Santorum's 'agenda for the Dark Ages'

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum reinforced his theocratic credentials recently by denouncing fellow Catholic John F. Kennedy's famous 1960 discourse on religious liberty. In it, Kennedy expressed his belief in the separation of church and state, said his first loyalty as president would be to America rather than the Pope and called on Americans to vote for or against him in his own right rather than solely because of his religion.

Santorum that JFK's speech "made him want to throw up, which should surprise exactly nobody who's been paying attention to the campaign or his political career.

Kennedy's speech was given at a time when anti-Catholic bigotry was quite common. Half a century later, anti-Catholic sentiment has virtually disappeared and been replaced with widespread anti-Muslim sentiment. Anti-atheist sentiment has increased as well.

Alternet has a piece about Santorum's five most extreme positions; it must've taken them a while to narrow it down: his 'Agenda for the Dark Ages'.

America has spent the last 10 years waging war against violent, pro-death religious extremists. It's a mystery why we'd then elect one for the presidency.

Update: apparently Santorum has denounced Islam as being stuck in the 7th century. I'm not sure why he said 'stuck.' That's still several centuries ahead of whatever Santorum believes in.

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