Friday, September 02, 2011

What if a corporate party threw a bash and nobody came? The paper would still report on it

Today’s Post-Star had a story about a Democrat running against Congressman Chris Gibson. The Democrat held an ‘event’ at the Washington County Municipal Center... except the only person he apparently talked to was an aide to his opponent, who happened to be there on other business.

So an event held by a corporate party candidate where nobody shows up merits a story (with photo!) on the front page of the local section. But when it comes to an event by smaller party candidate (Howie Hawkins) held at a local cafe jam packed with dozens of people in which the candidate gave detailed answers to dozens of intelligent and pertinent questions from ordinary citizens? It gets only a cursory mention buried in the newspaper’s blog.

Maybe next time, Greens should hold a flash mob doing Zumba and then maybe the local ‘news’ organization would notice.

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