Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cuomo's cowardly tax cap

I was reading an article in the Adirondack Journal on the cowardly, undemocratic property tax cap pushed through by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

It's undemocratic because school budgets are voted upon by residents so the grand pooh-bah is saying that the unwashed masses are too stupid to be trusted with running their own affairs without conditions from the overlords; now school tax increases above 2% are invalid unless approved by a supermajority of the peons.

It's cowardly because he's imposing legal restrictions on how OTHER government bodies spend money, but not on the one he himself runs. Further, he's taking credit for the lower property tax but washes his hands of any anger at the accompanying cuts in services. Tell other people what to do. Don't tell them how to do but tie their hands (see below). That's cowardice.

But the biggest problem with Cuomo's cowardly property tax cap was summed up quite nicely in the Adirondack Journal piece.

Keene town supervisor William Ferebee, a Republican, stated: "I’m opposed to the cap. If there was a cap on state mandates, that would be a different story."

And the Keene supervisor had his comment before his town was devastated by Tropical Storm Irene.

The Minerva supervisor [Sue Corey] said she thought the idea of managing costs was a good one, but living with a cap without mandate relief is "going to be tough."

Lake George Mayor Robert Blais, another Republican, said he was opposed to the tax cap so long as it was not balanced with mandate relief.

Sensing a trend?

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