Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene: much ado about a lot in the Adirondacks

There were a lot of snarky comments on Facebook and Twitter by people who expressed disappointment in Irene, even boredom. They seemed to think that more should’ve happened given all the media coverage. ‘Witty’ comments like ‘hurri-lame’ were prolific. Even the normally reliable Howard Kurtz expressed his “great relief that the prophets of doom were wrong about Hurricane Irene.”

This may be true of those cocooned in comfortable offices in Manhattan or DC but I don’t think anyone living in upstate New York’s Adirondack region, an area more used to heavy precipitation of the colder variety, would agree with these clueless assessments

Those ignorant enough to still think Irene was much ado about nothing ought to visit North Country Public Radio’s website. Their news page and news blog both have extensive coverage and photos of the massive devastation caused by this ‘non-event.’ Adirondack Almanack also has a good report and a compelling first-hand account.

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Brian said...

Kurtz’s analysis also ignores the fact that casualties were much lower precisely because of the hype. Here in the tourist-heavy upstate NY region, campgrounds were evacuated the day before, hiking in the backcountry banned and many businesses shut down or chose not to open ahead of the storm. It would’ve been a lot closer to the Apocalypse had people ignored the hype or had there not been any in the first place.