Thursday, July 07, 2011

Once a tabloid lemming hack, always a tabloid lemming hack

In a recent blog entry, managing editor Ken Tingley whined about the lack of content over the holiday weekend (as though this is different from the usual state of affairs in the paper). But then he expressed relief that there were some excellent wire reads available to us for the front page today.

In an older blog entry, Tingley pat himself on the back, bragging that One of the services you get with every newspaper is the news judgement [sic] of a professional editor.

One of the “excellent wire reads” as determined by the “news judgement of a professional editor” was a front page lead story about the Casey Anthony garbage, a ‘story’ that should be of no interest to anyone outside the local area of wherever it took place. Then again, this is the same “news judgement” that brought us other front page stories on a bridge in Scotland that dogs like to jump off and a house in Idaho infested by snakes.

If I want sensationalist tripe like this, I will just give my $1 directly to The New York Post. I suspect they do a better job at tabloid nonsense anyways.

I was also surprised that WAMC News wasted member donations by contriving a local 'story' out of this, since people tune in to public radio to avoid such tabloid garbage, but maybe I shouldn’t have been.

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MARQUIL said...

Accuracy in Media has a good analysis of publicly-traded newspapers' general plight over the past two quarters, and their near-term (dim) prospects:

They single out Lee Enterprises and Media General as two debt-heavy corporations of which investors show little faith in their ability to successfully restructure their debt by next year's deadline. The article also points to the mixed success newspapers have had in working out profitable digital platforms.

Lee is starting to show its hand in the next frontier of cost savings: In Davenport, Iowa, a corporate executive is taking on the publishing duties of one newspaper (

Lee personnel are also assuming remote publishing responsibility for groups of LEE properties (

Out in Montana, Lee has combined the management of two newspapers, The Montana Standard (from Butte) and the Helena Independent Record, eliminating the Helena IR's editor position.

Evidently, Lee doesn't seem to mind having its "professional editors" seventy miles away from the communities they cover.