Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nuanced reaction to school cuts in NNY

The vehemently anti-union Post-Star would have you believe that the only people with concerns about slashing school spendings are the greedy, overpaid teachers. Managing editor Ken Tingley, in his typically pompous style, orders people to STFU about cuts and lectures parents to tell their kids to take one for the team. (Speaking of Tingley: here’s a way to make his head explode. Tell him you’ve figured out a way to cut the school tax levy by 0.04% but that it involves cutting his beloved baseball)

But other regional media, without such an overt agenda, are painting a more nuanced portrait.

North Country Public Radio has a story on the reaction of students to heavy budget cuts in the Beaver River district in Lewis County. Imagine that: doing a story about education cuts in which the students' point of view is mentioned!

The Plattsburgh Press-Republican had a story about the opposition of ordinary residents in Beekmantown, Clinton County, to the district's plan to slash jobs and programs.

The NCPR story is particularly poignant since the more common complaints against kids today is that they DON'T care about school or education.


Anonymous said...

Minor correction: Beekmantown is in Clinton County, not Essex.

Brian F said...

Anon: thanks for the correction. I was confusing it with Elizabethtown. I've fixed.

Zoe said...

I do believe The Post-Star has recently published some vehement defenses of teachers, and of unions.

Brian F said...

I’m not sure I’ve seen those, although I only read the print edition most, not all, days. Unless you’re referring to letters to the editor. They may publish “vehement defenses” via letters to the editor or the odd individual column but the paper’s collective editorial line is pretty unambiguous.

Zoe said...

Zoe is actually Will Doolittle (family computer). Are you calling my column odd?