Wednesday, March 02, 2011

They must have plates in their heads (updated)

In order to preserve low taxes on the rich, some of the thieves in Albany wants to soak kids. Two bills in the New York state Assembly have been introduced that would require license plates on all bicycles. The license plate would cost $25 initially and $5 a year after that and would be required for all bikes, including those owned by children.

Biking helps people get fit, relieves traffic congestion and does not contribute to air pollution or climate change. These things are not only beneficial in and of themselves but lower costs to society by making less road maintenance, less environmental remediation and fewer expensive medical problems.

It's a well-accepted goal of public policy to use taxes and fees to discourage bad behavior. But these brainless wonders apparently want to discourage GOOD behavior... all for a purported benefit to the state coffers of a whopping $375,000 a year.

Contact your Assembly member and tell them to shift their brain into first gear and bury this bill.

Update: I've received word that the bills' sponsor, Assemblyman Michael DenDekker, has withdrawn the pieces of legislation. He said that the bills were "in response to numerous complaints from my constituents regarding bicyclists who were not following local and state laws"... because the way to deal with people who don't follow laws is to pass more laws they won't follow. His press release stated that "the original intent of these bills was to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety" while omitting the real intent of the bills: a money grab.


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