Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Four stories I read this week are very interesting when juxtaposed...

-North Country Public Radio is doing a series on New York’s crumbling infrastructure.

-School districts across the region are slashing teaching positions left and right.

-Districts in Glens Falls and Saranac Lake each closed an elementary school.

-President Obama ordered air strikes against Libya and our Hitler-of-the-month, with little objection from his fellow Democrats... thus illustrating that having a Nobel Peace Prize on your resumé seems to give you a free pass in launching wars. Mother Jones cites a CNN estimate that costs for the US to fully install a no-fly-zone over Libya could rise to some $800 million, and another $100 million a week to maintain it

We “can’t afford” badly needed improvements to our infrastructure.

We “can’t afford” to preserve teaching positions originally deemed important.

We “can’t afford” to keep community elementary schools open.

We “can afford” to wage wars against countries that pose no security threat to us.

Of course, the reality is the above questions are not at all about what we can and can’t afford. They are about what we choose to afford.

Our choices seem to indicate that destroying things abroad is more important use of our money than building things at home.

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