Thursday, January 06, 2011

Part-time legislators, full-time salary

In recent weeks, there has been much criticism of New York state legislators for collecting salaries and pensions at the same time. This is particularly galling since many of the legislators in question are advocates of smaller government and less spending of tax dollars. But that is not their only waste.

The Capitol Confidential blog reports that the legislature will convene a mere 63 days this calendar year. The base legislative pay is $79,500. Lawmakers get paid even more for serving on committees.

$79,500 for 63 days of formal work, of which they may or may not attend all. And it's their staffers who do the real work.

And people complain that a teacher, who’s actually expected to produce quantifiable results, making $30,000 for 190ish days of formal work is overpaid.

Update: As Tweeter @Arfung notes -- Steve Jobs, arguably most successful CEO in America, has salary of $1 per year. And Jobs adds a bit more to the economy than Mrs. Sayward or her husband.

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