Monday, January 24, 2011

Lying weasels

When I lived in West Africa, one of my Guinean friends often remarked a bit sarcastically, “Toute opposition est démocrate” -- all opposition parties believe in democracy. The implication being that parties advocate democracy, good governance and all sorts of neat things when they are in opposition because it sounds good and are quick to jettison those 'principles' when they actually gain power.

As Bob over at Planet Albany blog noted, this phenomenon is just as prevalent in the banana republic of Albany as in West Africa.

He points out that New York Senate Republicans have ran away from their promise to support a non-partisan process to draw electoral districts. It’s a process they supported when they were in opposition last year (and campaigning against the incompetent and corrupt Democrats then running the chamber) and are now weaseling out of now that they’re in power.

And it’s pretty impressive. Most politicians take time to weasel out of their promises. Senate Republicans have only taken a few weeks. Of course, that is not the only example we've seen recently.

Though actually, my earlier characterization is not quite fair. Legislators from West Africa have higher standards and would not tolerate Albany’s level of dysfunction and corruption.

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