Monday, November 01, 2010

Endorsement: Howie Hawkins for governor

It probably won’t come as a surprise to readers of this blog that I endorse Howie Hawkins for governor of New York.

Hawkins visited Glens Falls recently and spoke at an event I attend. Like most people who heard him that evening, I came away certain he was the best candidate for governor, certainly far more substantive than either major party candidate.

Hawkins spoke in great detail about his platform for over an hour without notes. He spent at least 45 minutes take questions from the audience... and actually answering them directly.

He spoke about the Green New Deal to restore our crumbling infrastructure, to prevent local economic disasters like the sudden closing of the Crown Point bridge.

He spoke about reforming New York's rigged electoral system and democratic (lowercase d) improvements like New England-style town hall meetings.

He spoke about supporting investment in renewable energy rather than in natural gas, whose extraction requires a water-polluting procedure called hydrofracking.

He spoke about implementing Medicare for All in New York, which would save the state large sums of money.

He spoke about making Medicaid run by the state rather than by the counties which, if enacted, would significantly reduce the state's sky high property taxes.

The state currently collects a 0.05 percent stock transfer tax but then rebates it all to the brokers. Hawkins proposed stopping that rebate, an act which would not only eliminate New York's budget deficit but would also fund his infrastructure improvements.

For context, a stock sale of $10,000 would be subject to a tax of a mere $5 (you pay more tax buying a $100 iPod).

Just as importantly, voting for Hawkins can help implement real multipartyism across New York state. If he gets at least 50,000 votes, then Green candidates across the state will be able to run for local, county and state office much more easily. This would no doubt be welcome by the majority of New Yorkers dissatisfied by the corruption of the two major parties in Albany.

Unlike the major party candidates, he is not a millionaire; he works for a living. Hawkins is the only union member running for governor. And with Democrat Andrew Cuomo pushing the corporate agenda, Hawkins is the only center-left candidate in the race. And aside from Libertarian Warren Redlich, he is the only candidate to have elaborated a serious, detailed agenda.

He has earned my vote, and hopefully you'll give him yours too.


Anonymous said...

In garnering over 50K votes in the gubernatorial race, the Green Party secured a spot on the next ballot. The only minor party to hit that mark this election.

Brian F said...

The WFP and Conservatives may have also gotten 50,000 votes but only because they glommed on to the corporate party candidates. Then again, the WFP and Conservatives aren't real parties, they are just factions.

The Green candidate finished 3rd in every statewide race (except AG where they didn't run a candidate).