Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bigotry today. Bigotry tomorrow. Bigotry forever!

"There's nothing more frightening than ignorance in action." -Tom Smothers

Today’s Post-Star ran a seemingly innocuous piece on the religious practices of a Muslim gentleman in Queensbury.

But since the Park51 (the misnamed ‘Mosque at Ground Zero’) project has brought hatemongers out of the closet, there’s no such thing anymore as an ‘innocuous piece’ related to people of the Islamic faith... no matter how far away from lower Manhattan.

The comments on the article are pretty disgusting... especially considering how mild the article’s topic really was. Can you imagine the furor if defamation like this were directed at Jews or Christians?

I was raised as a Catholic. I was also raised as an American in a country founded by those fleeing religious bigotry. I can’t remember anything in my religious or civic upbringing that could possibly justify the sort of filth being spewed.

I’m not sure which fraud disgusts me more: that these bigots call themselves lovers of freedom, that they call themselves Christians or that they call themselves Americans.

Muslims around the world should know that the majority of Americans reject this barbaric hatred.


semi234 said...

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Brian F said...

Fixed. Thanks.