Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jackson hits big time!

The town of Jackson has hit the big time: a profile in The New York Times. The daily did a story on the English-only law passed by the Washington County town with a 1% Hispanic population.

As I reported earlier, the law's sponsor admitted that there was no issue in the town that the legislation was intending to address; he conceded that it was a solution to a problem that didn't exist... other than the ordinance's error-strewn original text. He simply wanted to make a gesture about making English the national language. The NYT piece means his empty grandstanding succeeded.

I still think it was merely a clever PR campaign to get Jackson on the map. People all around the country will read the article and think, "This town's worst problem is the fact that it has 19 Hispanics, none of whom even request public documents in Spanish. It must be a pretty great place! Maybe I'll move there!"

Personally, I can't wait for Congress to pass an English-only law. With all the towns and regions that have either Spanish or Native American language origin names or French (-ville), Dutch (-kill) and German (-burg, -burgh) suffixes, we're going to have to rename 80 pct. of the places in the country.

Warrensburg (German) in the Adirondacks (Mohawk) and Middleburgh (German) in the Castkills (Dutch), we hardly knew ye!