Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Delinquent New York legislators should be impeached

Contrary to what they may say in public, I think New York Democratic pooh-bahs are secretly thrilled that David Paterson is governor. He can do all the unpopular things they know need to be done but are too cowardly to do themselves and Paterson can take the public crucifixion for them.

Yesterday, the legislature approved Paterson's controversial plan to furlough 100,000 state workers. The governor argued that the move was necessary to save money, since the legislature hasn't passed a budget that was due on April 1.

Despite passing the bill which included the furloughs, legislators blasted the proposal and the governor. In fact, many contended that furlough plan was illegal. It speaks volumes about the legislature's uselessness that they would vote to approve something they not only condemned but thought wasn't legal.

Their uselessness was further illustrated by the posturing against the governor. Furloughs wouldn't be necessary if the legislature DID ITS JOB AND PASSED A BUDGET, according to its constitutional obligation. Basically, the legislature is blaming the governor for doing what they're too craven to do themselves.

But the posturing is working. Public sector unions aren't firing their venom at the delinquent legislators; they are bashing the governor, the only person in Albany who seems to have a clue about his responsibilities. This is why the Democrats secretly love David Paterson.

And with the budget six weeks late, legislators are busy not only with grandstanding press conferences, but they managed to find time to revive another unfunded mandate. Maybe some day, they'll find time to do their job.

Update: Again, props to the governor for trying to prevent New York from turning into Greece or California or even Spain. The Spanish Socialist government is pushing through deep budget cuts, which will include a 5% REDUCTION in public sector salaries. By contrast, New York's public sector unions rejected a request by the governor to hold off on their 4% annual pay raise for this year in favor of a pay freeze (something I and many other private sector workers got). Since the unions have rejected a pay freeze are trying to get furloughs declared illegal by the courts, Lt. Gov Richard Ravitch has warned that mass layoffs might be the only option left. I thought a union's first priority was to try to preserve jobs. The white collar unions should be careful what they wish for. New Yorkers might end up deciding that they CAN live with fewer bureaucrats.

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Anonymous said...

Great post ! I just may write in Patterson in November.

When the news media announced that some politicans were having a "sit-in" at the Governor's office - all I could think of is Roy Boy McDonald sitting on the floor - and who is going to hoist him up ?

And what's up with Joe Dalton threatening to sue the State because of the (lack of )VLTs.....when several years ago he sued the State because they wanted to PUT IN VLTs at the Harness Track....now the Racino ?