Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rep. Murphy will pay for the vote he hasn't cast yet on the bill that's nowhere close to being finalized

A look at today's letters to the editor in The Post-Star (unavailable online except to people willing to pay extra for their pdf version) gives a good hint about why it's so hard to be an elected official today. There were several letters excoriating local Congressman Scott Murphy for supporting the health insurance bill that recently passed Congress, all from the right. That's to be expected.

It was a poor bill, one that did a little good and a lot of bad. And much like the Wall St. bailout, the health insurance bill DID represent socialism, just not in the way that the Tea Party types mean. The bill was a giant giveaway to health insurance conglomerates, which is why I refer to it as the health insurance bill not the health care bill. It is also why that industry supported the bill. The health insurance bill represents corporatism, which is corporate socialism. Maybe the Tea Party types will realize that the fundamental problem crippling our democracy isn't progressives supporting gay marriage but a government run on behalf of corporations and a Supreme Court validating this perverse notion... though I'm not holding my breath.

Criticisms of Murphy's vote on the health insurance bill are legitimate, if a bit misguided. But what's really infuriating is that at least three of the letters criticized Murphy for votes HE HADN'T EVEN TAKEN YET. They criticized him for the climate bill. They criticized him for cap and trade. They criticized him for citizenship for illegal immigrants. I don't believe he's taken firm positions on these issues and he absolutely hasn't voted one way or the other on them.

Fury and paranoia at living under a corporate Democratic administration (who replaced the corporate Republican administration) has made some people so unhinged that they'll attack a politician for things he hasn't done or even talked about doing yet. It shows how debased, how completely insane our political culture has become.

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