Friday, April 30, 2010

Deceit in aisle nine!

I was in a local convenience store when I noticed several of the two liter bottles of soda carried a tag made by the convenience store. They read something like: "Gov. Paterson wants you to pay 68 cents more tax on this bottle of soda" and then encouraged customers to go to a website to lobby the "part-time" state legislature (with its full-time salary) against this tax. The tag was found on bottles of Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi. I removed the tag from the bottle of Diet Pepsi because it's simply not true. The 'fat tax' advocated by the governor and his health commissioner would add a penny per ounce tax to sugared sodas. Diet Pepsi is not a sugared soda.

I've stated before that the 'fat tax' is a poor and ineffective way to advance the public policy goal of reducing costly obesity; a more rational system of farm subsidies and food production would be much better. But case can be made without invoking the lie that the governor wants to tax diet soda.


Jim Sullivan said...


Having been one of those guys back in my past (Worst. Job. Ever.), the poor sap who stuck those stickers to the soda probably has no idea what is going on. Mostly because he's way too busy. They work fourteen hour days this time of year and their boss probably told them, "Hey, make sure you put one of these stickers on every product we distribute. We'll be checking after you leave the store and if you don't, you'll be written up."

And that boss probably got the same spiel fromhis higher up. That's SOP.

I worked for a beer company that competed with the soft-drink companies. And those damn stickers, be they promations or rebates or political, are the bane of the Merchandiser's existence. The job is hard enough already without being hounded by management to see if you put all of your stickers on.

Brian F said...

This particular convenience store's is always putting stuff in there aggressively telling customers to lobby the legislature or Congress about this that or the other thing, so perhaps that's why I reacted a little more strongly to it. But you're probably right that the particular placement in question was inadvertent. Thanks for that perspective.

Anonymous said...

Would this convenience store be Nice and Easy? They pull this nonsense all the time. Great post.