Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Ayatollah Huckster riffs on 'less than ideal' gays

Social conservative Mike Huckabee recently likened gay marriage to incest and polygamy. Unlike some bigots, his argument was (only slightly) less absurd by his gracious omission of bestiality, pedophilia and necrophilia.

In earlier comments, the former and presumably future GOP presidential candidate declared, "Marriage doesn't mean any and everything we want it to mean. In all the recorded years of human history it has only meant one thing."

Huckabee's misrepresentation of history is either deceitful or a manifestation of shocking ignorance.

For many years, humans in some parts of this country defined civil marriage as the union of two people of the same 'race' (skin color) while humans in other parts of this country did not.

In this country at this time (though not necessarily in the past), the idea of a man marrying a 9-year old girl is generally considered repulsive; it other societies, it's accepted practice.

Civil marriage is an institution of man (ie: humans), by man and for man and can be changed by man at his whim.

Civil marriage means exactly what we the citizens want it to mean which is why it's defined by man's law.

And in all the recorded years of human history, acceptable norms of marriage have changed countless times and, to this day, remain very different across different societies.

According to many people, 'God's law' may have a very different notion of marriage. But Huckabee would do well to remember that since we're not a theocracy, the United States of America is governed by the laws of man not the laws of his or anyone else's deity.

I've read that every species of mammal has been observed to exhibit homosexual tendencies except pigs. So basically what the Ayatollah Hucksters of this country want is for humans to act more like... swine. And I thought man did a pretty good job of that already.

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