Friday, March 05, 2010

Jackson town officials solve "its" non-problem

A final follow-up to my earlier piece: the Jackson town board on Wednesday approved its English-only law... though not without embarrassing itself one final time. The Post-Star's Nick Reisman reported that, you couldn't make this stuff up, the original text of the proposed law contained two grammar errors:

"The purpose of this law is to provide for the language to be used by the elected officials and its appointees."

and later the law "designates English as the official written and spoken language of the Town Board and its appointees to be used in all official meetings and business conducted by the elected officials and its appointees."

As any teenager with an A in 9th grade English could tell you, it should have been "the elected officials and THEIR appointees."

Fortunately, citizens in the audience informed the elected officials of "its" errors.

Regardless of what one things about the English-only law in a town that's 97.3 percent white and 1.1 percent Hispanic, it is more than a little galling that use of the language is being mandated by a group of people with such a pathetic grasp of it.

The final kicker: yesterday was National Grammar Day.

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