Sunday, March 28, 2010

The GlobalFoundries black hole wants to suck even more taxpayer money

Matt over a Farenell Photography noticed that GlobalFoundries (formerly AMD) is seeking even more taxpayer money for its Luther Forest project in Malta, NY. This sum is in addition to the $1.2 BILLION in corporate welfare the conglomerate has already been handed over.

Tellingly, a GlobalFoundries spokesman would not say precisely how much money the company is seeking from the state, how large the expansion could be or how many jobs may be created if the expansion occurs

Meanwhile, schools, parks and hospitals are facing dramatic cuts in state aid, some even mooting closure, while schools and municipalities are looking at hikes to the state's already sky high property taxes.

As Sarah Palin (who I never thought would say anything worth repeating in public) might say: "Not just no, HELL NO."


semi234 said...

Will you be a relieved to know that Palin ripped her "hell no" from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The same one who coined the late 1990's motto of "Austin 3:16" which means "Son, you just got your a** whooped!"

Course then again, Stone Cold probably ripped it from someone else. LOL

Brian F said...

Umm... why am I not shocked...