Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fluff(ball) stories

Some free advice to the brain trust at The Post-Star. If you worry about the decline in people actually paying for your product, don't make them feel like they wasted their money!

I'd suggest that if you insist on running stories about felines of death in Rhode Island and dogs jumping off a bridge in Scotland, that you not put this on the FRONT PAGE of the paper!

It's debatable whether wire stories like this should be in the paper at all but if they do, the FRONT PAGE is most certainly not the place for them. If papers are going to distinguish themselves in a media environment that largely disadvantages them, then they need to maximize the one potential advantage they have, if they choose to use it: good, in-depth journalism. I wonder how the daily's in-house reporters feel about having their hard work bumped in favor of an out-of-state, yawn-inducing story about a "furry angel of death."

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