Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Spending cutter heal thyself (corrected and updated)

Within the last week, I received two different taxpayer funded mailers from local Congressman Scott Murphy. They were the typical mindless color-by-numbers nonsense, making sure to mouth every bullet point that he thinks might resonate with North Country voters... which they might if the venture capitalist weren't so transparently the archetype of an empty, stick-his-finger-in-the-wind politician.

(passages in bold are his emphases)

"Congressman Murphy is making sure Congress handles money responsibly because he believes the money is yours."

"Congressman Murphy knows that taxes are a heavy burden on Upstate New York families."

"Congressman Murphy co-sponsored legislation to provide property tax relief." (though without saying what a federal legislator can do about property taxes which are almost exclusively beholden to state, county and municipal budgets)

"Protecting your tax dollars is part of my job, because my job is to represent you."

Although the last one is about is empty-headed as you can get, my personal favorite is this one:

"Every month, in our small businesses and around our kitchen tables, we prove that fiscal responsibility works. It's time Washington learned how."

Apparently he's unaware of credit cards, mortgages, car loans, college loans, small business loans and bankruptcy filings used by many of the non-millionaires of society.

Not only did he send an expensive, taxpayer funded glossy mailer to share these pearls of Socratic wisdom and Churchillian leadership, even though he has my email address and could easily have propagandized more cheaply this way, but he sent me two identical expensive, taxpayer funded glossy mailers lecturing me on the need for Congressional spending restraint.

He also sent duplicates of the other mailer, which touted his opposition to decent health care for all Americans*.

(*-see correction below)

When Murphy campaigned on a promise to create jobs, as though this is something a Congressman can have much impact on, I think the people who believed him assumed it would be more than in just the expensive glossy mailer publishing industry.

Update: Bob over at Planet Albany isn't impressed either.

*-Correction: The mailer touting his opposition to decent health care was actually received a few weeks ago. The other taxpayer funded mailer received last week bragged about how he was single-handedly saving us from the tax demon... even though it repeated much of what he said in the other mailer sent almost at the same time.

"No one needs to remind you of the pressure taxes put on Upstate New York's families," he chest-thumped.

So why spend an expensive TAXPAYER FUNDED mailer saying this?

I do apologize for not being able to keep track of all the taxpayer funded mailers sent by the Congressman talking about the need for restraint in public spending.

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PlanetAlbany said...

I got a win-win for the congressman. Finch is in his district, and I think one of the kinds of paper they make is the glossy one used in his mailings. I also think the chief Finch PR man is one of his supporters. It's a natural: Elect me and I'll keep you informed on Finch paper.