Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Exhibit A on why we need real multipartyism

Apparently, the US Senate health "reform" fraud retains the provision fining people $750 for not being able to afford or choosing to not buy health insurance while rejecting the provision creating a public option that might actually make insurance affordable for a lot more people. This proves yet again that a) it's not just the GOP who is sticking to the little guy and b) why I don't belong to either of the corporate parties. An honest, pragmatic analysis can only conclude that neither is a vehicle for progressive ideas.

Update: This bill is a bit like mandating all Americans eat prime rib and organic vegetables twice a day as a "plan" for eradicate hunger.

Further update: Both The Progressive offers a critique of the Democratic 'reform' fraud. So does the group Physicians for a National Health Program. While left-wing opposition to the bill is usually pooh-poohed with phrases like 'the perfect is the enemy of the good' or most inanely 'If both extremes hate it, it must be good,' the critiques are a little more substantive. Like me, PNHP most objects to the atrocious mandate that individuals be forced to buy an overpriced, inadequate insurance policy or else face a hefty fine, a provision no doubt adored by the private insurance lobby.

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