Monday, November 02, 2009

Yes on NYS Constitutional Proposal #1

North Country Public Radio's blog has a piece on the two proposals to amend New York's state constitution that will appear on the ballot tomorrow.

Proposal #1 is a state land swap with the National Grid power conglomerate that would provide for more reliable electricity to the Tupper Lake area.

Proposal #2 would allow prisoners to voluntarily do work for non-profits.

The Watertown Daily Times decided to endorse both proposals.

Proposal #1 was strongly pushed for by local officials. But the move also has the broad support of the environmentalist community, getting the thumbs up from the the Adirondack Council. Environmental groups support the swap because it would, in the Council's words, avoid an environmentally disastrous six-mile detour through the woods... the detour would involve road construction through an old-growth forest, 95 streams and wetlands, and habitat for the endangered spruce grouse.

Don't forget to vote on these proposals tomorrow. They're usually at the very top of the ballot.

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