Friday, November 27, 2009

Senate incompetence threatens to bankrupt NYS

Bob over at Planet Albany blasts the "astonishing irresponsibility" of the New York legislature. Unusually, he's engaging in understatement.

The state is literally running out of money, he writes, and the Legislature refuses to do anything about it. The focus, especially in the Senate, is entirely on the politics of next year's elections.

That's not entirely true.

Part of the focus of the senate (it doesn't merit the dignity of a capital 'S') is using media like Twitter to engage in childish trash talk toward the only adult in Albany, Governor Paterson.

A recent Tweet: Sens Sampson & Skelos commit 2 bipartisan work 2 negotiate a responsible DRP that's better than the Gov's

Apparently the phrase "nyah nyah nyah" would've made it run over the allotted 140 characters.

If the governor tweeted, he'd probably reply, "i dare u 2 put up or shut up."

The governor recently urged the senate to either pass a deficit reduction plan of their own or let him do it. He basically told them to stop yapping and start doing. Stop preening for the cameras. Stop talking smack on Twitter. Start passing a comprehensive and responsible plan. Most New Yorkers would agree with him.

The senate blasted him for having the temerity to suggest that someone should actually show the courage and leadership to do what needs to be done.

The Tweet concluded with Senate stands at ease, which is unnecessary as they've been doing so for most of the year.

The senate may be focused only on next year's elections, as Bob suggests. But at this rate, they are doing far more to enhance the governor's re-election prospects than their own.

Update: The Post-Star ran a good editorial today echoing the sentiments of myself and many other New Yorkers entitled quite simply, "Governor gets it, legislators don’t." It notes that the governor has made it easier for local governments to consolidate and share services. I think we should take consolidation one step further. Let's eliminate the senate and go to a unicameral legislature like Nebraska has.


PlanetAlbany said...

But they read polls, which lead them to write off Paterson, and they also reckon most incumbent senators will win re-election no matter how much people complain. It's true that a few up-in-the-air races will determine control of the Senate, but to win them they think they need the support of special interests, especially unions, which are not interested in spending restraint.

Brian said...

Perhaps, but Senate Democrats certainly making the Republicans look a lot more appealing by comparison.

This is also why I'm a strong advocate for real multipartyism. You can dump the Democrats in the Senate and return the Republicans and still have most of the same fundamental, structural problems, because the GOP were complicit in creating that structure. It's just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Problem is, there's really no way to get real multipartyism short of a constitutional convention... which gets a bad rap due to the sole example of 1967.