Thursday, November 19, 2009

Far right candidate needs to put up or shut up (updated)

NY23 Congressional candidate Doug Hoffman has officially lost his marbles.

A few days ago, he "unconceded" his election defeat to now-inaugurated Bill Owens after recanvassing showed that the race was tighter than originally thought. Al Gore unconceded to George W. Bush, so Hoffman's un-concession is unusual but not that unreasonable.

But his more recent comments are, at best, completely reckless.

In a fundraising letter, he is now accusing Democrats, ACORN and unions of stealing the election, of "tampering with democracy."

He does not offer one iota of evidence to back up his fantastical claims. This failure not only calls into question the credibility of his claims, but his personal integrity.

I realize that it was a fundraising letter and that he was no doubt just making sure to tick off each one of the far right's favorite boogeymen (though he did forget to bash the media). But to make such serious claims without providing a shred of evidence is not simply 'irresponsible,' as NCPR's Brian Mann claims, it's borderline defamatory.

Hoffman should either provide evidence to back up his serious accusations or retract them.

Update: In recanvasing the voting machines in Jefferson County, they discovered that there had been a recording error that benefited Hoffman to the tune of 1000 or so votes. Who's "they"? According to the GOP Elections Commissioner in the county, it was the DEMOCRATIC Elections Commissioner who discovered and reported the discrepency that ended up hurting the Democrat and benefiting the Conservative/Republican. If it's a conspiracy, it's a pretty poorly executed one. Hopefully, this divisive, clueless joke of a candidate disappears from the scene.

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