Monday, October 26, 2009

Right-wing chicken gives finger to voters

Whoever's advising Doug Hoffman, Conservative "party" candidate for New York's 23rd Congressional district, really ought to turn in their resignations. The campaign thought it would be a brilliant idea to skip the first of only two debates scheduled for the race in order to hobnob with Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

Apparently, the right-wing candidate figured the yap show hosts would provide more sympathetic company than meanie-faced journalists asking meanie-faced questions.

Hoffman seems completely contemptuous of the idea of having to answer to the residents of the 23rd. Let's hope the voters grant him his wish.

The right-winger seems more interested in building his national name recognition for a higher profile race than actually winning this one. After recent polls were released, I thought Hoffman might've had a chance to win, but the giant middle finger he's giving to the voters should sabotage that chance.

The Conservative "party" candidate has also so far refused to commit to participating in the race's other scheduled debate.

Much like former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin who endorsed him, Hoffman seems more interested in chit-chatting with friendly right-wing media elites than having to demonstrate his knowledge of issues in the area he hopes to represent. I'm not endorsing either of the other two candidates in the race. But if Hoffman won't answer your questions, he doesn't deserve your vote.

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