Sunday, October 11, 2009

The peanut gallery vs the hot seat

Did you ever notice how pretty much every critic of the governor says, "While we understand the state's difficult financial situation and the need to cut spending, we just think that (our unique and irreplacable group) should be the singular exception."

Apparently, it's a lot easier to "understand" something that to be in a position of responsibility and actually be forced to make decisions for the greater good.


PlanetAlbany said...

Although some of us also see scope for more taxing of the rich:

PlanetAlbany said...

(I guess my prior comment,agreeing with your take, didn't go through.) The special-interest-defenders of their piece of the pie also decline to suggest other areas where spending could be cut, because they don't want to alienate -- and do want to make common cause with -- other special interests

Brian said...

You're absolutely right... which is why I support Paterson's attempts at making more or less across the board cuts.