Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An incoherent endorsement

See if you can make heads or tails out of this endorsement by The Post-Star.

The paper gave its nod for the 5th Ward Glens Falls Common Council seat to Republican challenger Heath Morris over Democratic incumbent Ben Driscoll.

The daily described Driscoll as quiet and deliberate, calmly discussing the infrastructure issues in his ward and checking off programs that could be pared to shave the city budget... He also is careful about moving full-steam-ahead with a revaluation in the city, fearful of what impact it might have on struggling homeowners, and about ripping up South Street without finding a place for the citizens they displace. He's very visible in his ward and keeps in touch with his constituents.

What a monster!

According to the paper, the incumbent seems to be doing a good job, yet the Council needs new blood.

Morris swore on his mother's grave that he wouldn't raise taxes. Amazingly, the paper admits that it's not sure how he plans to pull that off but went gaga over the vague rhetoric anyway.

Who writes this stuff?!

Oh wait, a Pulitzer Prize winner.

I'm not sure if that cheap pandering was the reason Morris got the paper's endorsement or because Driscoll doesn't shamelessly grandstand, in contrast to the late Rep. Jerry Solomon (Morris' former mentor) or another Post-Star endorsee, Queensbury town supervisor Dan Stec.

I know Ben Driscoll and I endorse him for the Council. I urge you to vote for him... unless you agree with the Post-Star that being "quiet," "deliberative" and keeping in touch with constituents are heinous liabilities.

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