Wednesday, September 30, 2009

At least there's one person in NYS with the guts to make tough decisions

Not that he hasn't caused some of his own problems, but I feel a little bad for Gov. Paterson. He was wildly popular back when he was telling people what they wanted to hear. But when he started putting his talk into words, he found out that people are hypocrites. They want politicians to TALK about fiscal restraint but flip out when they actually try to PRACTICE fiscal restraint. A 'vital program' is one that helps you. 'Wasteful spending' is one that helps someone else.

Paterson is trying to address a huge budget deficit with an incompetent and crooked legislature. But all the media chattering class has been able to focus on is presidential body language, cheap shots at the governor's disability, incessant-polls-as-a-substitute-for-news and two stupid little soap operas (one surrounding the petty little melodrama of a Kennedy family member scorned and the other regarding the ambitions of a former Kennedy family member).

New Yorkers are facing skyrocketing property taxes and the media's more interested in diving the meaning of a presidential embrace.

I guess that's the difference between having the responsibility to govern and sitting in the peanut gallery.

Note: WAMC's Capitol Connection has a good half hour interview with the governor.

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