Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The truth about government health care revealed!

I think I finally understand objections to the idea of government bureaucrats taking control of your health care away from private insurance bureaucrats (aside from the 70 million Americans who already get some form of government health care).

Not only will they make you kill grandma* to get your blood pressure check up, but they will also make you bring in an American flag to burn and agree to appear in an al-Qaeda video** with old chums Osama and Obama.

(*-Disabled children, fetuses or puppies can be also be sacrificed if you already killed grandma to get your wisdom teeth pulled)

(**-You can also burn the Bible or use a Cross for kindling)

Note: This information may have been provided to me by the Tea Bagger leader and ObamaCare opponent who informed us that the "government of the people, by the people and for the people" appears in the US Constitution. So it must be completely accurate.


PlanetAlbany said...

There were plenty of unhinged critics of the Bush administration, too, which didn't mean Bush's policies were right or wrong. Why not just focus on the substantive arguments for and against (from left, right and center) the Obama/congressional health care plans?

Brian said...

... and I criticized their excesses too.

I have focused primarily on the substantive aspect of the current health care debate (to the extent that it actually is a debate), both in my own essays and in the guest essays I've published.

I don't have any problem occasionally bringing to light the ocean of misinformation and outright deceit that's out there, because you can't have an honest debate on what's on the table if what's on the table is being completely misrepresented.

PlanetAlbany said...

I concede the point. All wonk and no play makes for a dull blog.

Brian said...

Did you really just concede a point to me?

I think I feel faint.