Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm glad I have the corporate media to tell me what's important (vol. 1)

Note: I'm introducing a new feature on this blog to partly document the corporate media's obsession with passing triviality as major news stories of broad public relevance. It's not that media outlets report on fluff; we all enjoy the occasional diversion once in a while. And this feature does not deal with specialty media outlets whose raison d'etre is to focus on voyeurism or other forms of entertainment. It's about media outlets that portray themselves as mainstream, serious organizations giving wholly disproportionate amount and placement of coverage to fluff or to things that should be nothing more than local stories.

Four of the top six non-business stories at this moment on Google News

-Who gets custody of the late celebrity Michael Jackson's kids

-'Guerilla art' in Los Angeles portraying Pres. Obama as The Joker

-Another way to find free iPhone apps

-Football player Plaxico Burress indicted for shooting... himself

Update: A friend of mine responded this observation as such, " That's what makes Digg so great. People control what's important."

At the time, the top story of the last 24 hours according to users was: Donald Duck, You Son of a Bitch! The number two story of the last 24 hours currently is: Epic Neighbor Lawn Chair War Continues.

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