Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Apology: Espada WASN'T only in it for himself

Readers may remember Pedro Espada Jr., the ethically challenged Bronx state senator who threw the chamber into turmoil by holding out to the highest bidder.

He switched to supporting Republicans when they offered to make the freshman senator president pro tempore of the institution (and thus acting lieutenant governor of the state) until he sensed that the GOP might lose control of the chamber and accepted the Democrats' offer to make him majority leader. Although a registered Democrat, he's probably more loathed by his own party than by Republicans.

The dirtbag insisted he only did it on behalf of (hold claw over heart) reform and on behalf of that most abused of phrases, the (watch out for the growing nose) People's Business.

Some, including myself, laughed hysterically at these claims and insist he only did it for his own personal benefit.

I would like to apologize to Sen. Espada. It looks he did NOT do it only for his own personal benefit.

Apparently, he also did it for the benefit of his son... for whom a cushy $120,000 Senate job was specially created.

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TourPro said...

A very excellent headline! LOL!