Thursday, July 09, 2009

The drama ends. The charade returns.

The Times-Union's Capitol Confidential blog (as well as the cable news program Capital Tonight) is reporting that renegade Sen. Pedro Espada is returning to the New York Senate Democratic Conference, which would return the party to majority status in the chamber.

The announcement came the day after Gov. David Paterson controversially appointed Richard Ravitch to fill the vacant lieutenant governor. The move's legality was challenged in a Republican lawsuit and doubted by state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat but widely considered a rival to Paterson.

Espada originally left the Democratic conference after the Republicans lured him away with the promise of making him the chamber's president pro temp... and thus acting lieutenant governor (which was certainly not a quid pro quo *wink/nod*).

This is hardly surprising for Espada who is ethically challenged even by Albany's abysmal standards.

Now that Ravitch was named lieutenant governor and, if upheld by the courts, would give the Democrats their majority back, the purely principled Espada saw which way the wind was blowing and switch back.

I wonder what happened to all his mealy mouthed garbage about how the Republicans (who spent 40 years rigging the chamber's rules) were the true architects of reform and how Democrats were standing in the way of The People's Business (tm)...

A month ago, Republicans called Espada a heroic crusader for reform and the Democrats called his a scumbag Benedict Arnold. No doubt, they will be swapping scripts.

The most embarrassing aspect of the Senate drama appears to be over.,. unless the Republicans can offer Espada a more appealing "non offer." Now, senators can go back to pretending to do The People's Business (tm) instead of simply yammering about how they wish they could pretend to do it.

I hope citizens remember this farce on Election Day 2010 and vote for Greens or Libertarians or independents... anyone other than the authors of this mess: the Democrats and Republicans as well as their factions in the WFP and Conservative "parties."


Ricky Bones said...

This is a great piece!

Luke said...

The shame of this is that all but a few will win reelection with ease. They could put a monkey on the ballot to run against Breslin next year and the monkey will get my vote. I would be less embarrassed with a chimpanzee representing me. The same goes for Skelos, DeFrancisco, Flanagan, Sampson, Smith, etc....

Jim Sullivan said...

Actually, I was enjoying this "fiasco". I'd rather pay them to not pass laws than to pass more. I wouldn't want to pay them as much as they're making but little to no legislation being passed makes me happy. Less taxes and fees and licenses makes me happy.