Friday, July 17, 2009

Chump change

The soccer world's most overpaid fraud, who I won't dignify by mentioning his name, has returned to the US' Major League Soccer and make sure that the league's players who actually want to play here don't get any media attention.

I never thought his signing by the league was a good idea. I knew the circus he'd bring with him would distract from the league rather than enhance it. The media attention has been fleeting and directed at his brand, rather than at the soccer.

He's proven to be a failure as a player in this league. He's proven to not give a toss about playing here. It's a testament to his unprofessionalism that he can be useless against Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas but light it up against Inter Milan and Juventus.

This book excerpt gives a lot of insight into exactly how unprofessional he has been.

Frankly, no player in his right mind would rather play for Los Angeles Galaxy than AC Milan. I understand that. But I wish he'd stop insulting everyone's intelligence.

The league's doing fine without him. There are many other foreign players who are actually making an impact in the league because they comport themselves like they actually want to be here. They are far more deserving of media attention than this fraud who's more interested in being 'an ambassador' (ie: expanding his already substantial business interests) than being, you know, a soccer player.

He's boring. He's been more or less useless on the field. As for intelligence and charisma, he makes George W. Bush seem like a cross between Einstein and Churchill. He adds nothing to American soccer but aggravation. It's too bad he can't just go away.

While we may lack the tradition of other countries, the American soccer community isn't quite as stupid and gullible as this Chump, his handlers and many other foreigners (and, for that matter, the league's 'braintrust') seem to think.

Update: Props to Los Angeles' forward Landon Donovan for calling out the fraud. No one can question Donovan's commitment to the Galaxy or to American soccer.

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