Friday, July 03, 2009

Assumptions vs facts in the drugs debate

The BBC has a report on Portugal, a country which decriminalized drug use and possession eight years ago.

Despite predictions that it would skyrocket, drug use has actually DECREASED by 10 percent since the changes. Drug deaths are down too.

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Chris said...

I've always flip-flopped on my opinion toward decriminalization. But, considering that nearly every state in this great union of ours is running a deficit, it's worth noting that the flat-out legalization and taxation of certain drugs could probably balance a few state budgets. And I'm glad you linked to the Portugal story. There's an immediate assumption that legalization or decriminalization would cause an increase of use. I think the portion of society that doesn't currently partake just because drugs are illegal is pretty small. Of course, that's an assumption on my part and not a fact, but it just might stand to reason...