Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Times-(anti)Union

Bob over at Planet Albany reports that the Albany Times-Union will soon produce a list of employees it wants to expunge during its present union-busting campaign. The list is expected to include people who have been there long enough that they would have been protected under seniority provisions of the prior union contract.

He opines: Meanwhile, the only decent thing to do is cancel your subscription.

I don't subscribe, but I've ceased buying it on the news stand.

Matt Funicello at his T-U blog offers his pro-union opinion on the dispute... though curiously, the page has repeatedly had technical difficulties in displaying the actual text since it was published.

A coincidence, no doubt.

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Matt Funiciello said...

It now seems functional. The techies at the TU say there was "junk" on the header that prevented it from loading properly in internet explorer, though two reader reported to me that they couldn't access it with Mozilla Firefox (while I could).

Anyhoo, its now supposed to be a-okay. Try it out.