Saturday, June 27, 2009

Puppet masters or puppets?

For weeks, media outlets in New York have been indignantly bashing the state senate for the embarrassment they've been heaping on the state... and themselves.

Just Google 'farce new york senate' for an idea.

The news media has been self-righteously huffing and puffing about senators' refusal to do that most grotesquely overused and underapplied of phrases: the people's business.

And rightly so.

So what have these courageous local media crusaders on behalf of (hold hand over heart) public service been giving us in the last few days: front page and lead stories on a national entertainer. Prominent and numerous.

This is in addition to the saturation coverage that can already be found on the cable 'news' channels.

So it begs the question: are the media the puppet masters, as critics so often claim, or the puppets?

And if the latter, who has their hands up their backsides?

As much as I'd like to believe otherwise (and trust me, I would), opinions like this on the essential role of local newspapers are becoming harder and harder to sustain with each passing infotainment orgy.

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