Monday, June 15, 2009

'The people's business'

I never thought I'd hear a group of people use a empty catchphrase more frequently than Rudy Giuliani invokes 9/11.

I was wrong.

I just got done watching a 20 or so minute interview on Capital Tonight with John Sampson, the new leader of the Democratic conference in the New York Senate. By my count, Sampson used the phrases 'the people's business,' 'the people's agenda' or 'the work of the people' at least 15 times. He solemnly invoked 'the people' at least another dozen times, probably more.

In a similar interviews last week, Sens. Pedro Espada, Hiram Monserrate and Tom Libous, all key figures in the circus, mouthed those exact same catchphrases with similarly nauseating frequency.

Although this particular phrase was noteworthy by its frequency, the amount of empty b.s. and transparent rhetoric these men spewed was remarkable, even by the standards of American politics.

These yahoos are spending so much time yammering in front of the cameras on about 'the people's business' and zero time at all actually doing the people's business.

Then again, even when the legislature was "functional", it never really did the people's business.

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